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Welcome to CultureConnect

Posted by Shane Dabor on September 25th, 2013

Greetings Adventurers, Welcome to Culture Connect!

Congratulations on being chosen to take part in Culture Connect! We had tons of applications submitted to participate in this session and yours have been selected to build digital bridges to bring all of our cultures closer together.

My name is Shane Dabor and I am going to be the lead facilitator for this cohort, alongside Liam O’Doherty who will also be assisting me in running our virtual classroom.

This brand new program will run over four weeks and will ask you to share pictures and post comments about your culture, your history, your day to day life and your vision for society. You will also asked to comment on the posts of your peers from the group. Each week’s mini-mission should take less than one hour to complete.

This cohort of Culture Connect promises to be an exciting experience, and we can’t wait to get the interactions started. This group has 10 different countries represented including 4 members from Egypt, 2 from Nigeria, as well as individual members from the United States, Guateng, Cape Town, Baku, Iraq, Algeria, and Indonesia.

You will have plenty of time to meet and learn about the diverse cultures and incredible stories from the group members in the weeks ahead, but for now lets get started!  


Here is a list of instructions to get you familiarized with our virtual classroom and your first mini-mission:


  1. Please make sure you have signed up and logged into TakingITGlobal. If you do not already have an account you can sign up to TIG here.

  2. Head to the Culture Connect platform and get familiar with it! You can click using the registration code: getconnected

  3. The program officially starts today with your first mini mission due this friday! All the details you’ll need to complete it are here:

  4. A new mission will come online each Friday and is scheduled to be completed by the following Friday. Our last day to submit is October, 18th, 2013, when the results of this cohort will be presented at a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations meeting in India.  

  5. Finally, there is also a mobile uploader we are harnessing as part of this pilot. To access this uploader visit from your smart phone, log in, and get connected.

If you have any questions, technical problems, or anything else you would like to discuss, you can reach me at


Connect with you soon!



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